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Wear-resisting of tall manganese steel

Wear-resisting of tall manganese steel

Product introduction

 Green is cast is the trend that casts technical development

  Method of green foundry technology and data equipment are the trend that 21 centuries cast a technology to develop, be used up at the sources of energy and environmental pollution, can last what give China economy development brought enormous pressure, the 915 ” of “ that Chinese country develops plan, will energy-saving reduce the stress that platoon, green is made and circular economy grows as national society and economy. Cast an industry to regard China as the main component of manufacturing industry, developing quickly while also produced huge the sources of energy and environmental problem. Those who face 21 centuries cast technical general forward method of green foundry technology and the directional development that material equips.    In all sorts of methods that cast in the sand mold that involves at present, use without binder dry arenaceous formative disappears the model is cast and V law is cast, using the water glass sand mold that has binder to cast is the technique that realizes green the most possibly to cast production. Do not have binder disappear the model casts those who be known as “21 century to cast new technology ” , “ to cast medium green project ” to wait; Water glass is arenaceous by the molding sand that a lot of domestic and international experts call green of the most possible implementation to cast production; And V law is cast also have energy-saving, efficient, environmental protection and high quality craft characteristic because of its and wide suffer reputably, there will be wide applied perspective in 21 centuries.    Energy-saving and environmental protection is executive green casts the key that production, implementation can develop continuously, must study and popularize the new technology of energy-saving, environmental protection that fits Chinese national condition and new facility.    (1) with fuse and heating the system attachs most importance to a dot, all-around dig energy-saving latent capacity, use each new technology, eliminate the pollution to the environment, improve fusion quality, reduce percent defective.    (The resource of 2) managing material, second birth technology that develops material, reclaim use those who cast maximum price of litter, creation to be worth to answer with. If use floor sand,answer with new technology.    (3) is mixed from material, craft proceed with of equipment many sided, solve an environment to pollute a problem. Develop yuan of poisonous fine, degenerative technology, yuan poison, yuan flavour binder and white cast complementary makings, remove dust technology, technology of molding sand second birth, yuan dust casts a technology.    (4) strengthens the mechanization that produces a course and automation, improve labor productivity, implementation is close, do not have surplus cast manufacturing technology.