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Silicon collosol nicety is cast

Silicon collosol nicety is cast

Product introduction

  Accurate cast steel the part that makes with cast steel is cast steel, have very good strength, mechanical performance is high, the melting point of cast steel is high, corresponding its are pouring temperature is high also.

   DeZe saves nicety of city of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty to cast a factory is branch of subordinate of factory of material of Jin Yuan plated film of city of DeZe province the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty. The company reposes at DeZe to visit town of the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty: North depends on Gu Cheng DeZe, jinan of Na Lin provincial capital, beijing Shanghai main artery is passed from here, 308 nations line, 001, whole town of vertical follow in a continuous line of 009 provinces line, the equipment such as phone of 15000 programmed control and suitable covered mobile telephone, wireless paging, telautogram is formed enclothe the whole nation to extend the modern communication network to the world, above place is narrated for DeZe nicety of the city that save the reputed founder of the Ix Dynasty casts a factory to provide good environment.    Company only then built 1999, main production uses wax-pattern compound craft, production adds all sorts of accurate cast, accurate cast steel, wear-resisting, the accurate cast such as stainless steel. My factory introduces an advanced technique ceaselessly, product quality rises ceaselessly, with the user consummate, quality the first for the tenet, in order to respect a person with ability, seek progress with science and technology, development innovation offers the product of high quality for you, true-blue serve for broad user, be reached brother to manufacturer supports energetically and be helped by broad user, express gratitude greatly here.