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Nicety casts cast steel

Nicety casts cast steel

Product introduction

My miller wants production to use accurate cast steel, wax-pattern is compound craft, production adds all sorts of accurate cast, accurate cast steel, wear-resisting, the accurate cast such as stainless steel.

Nicety of the law that break candle is cast say fusible pattern nicety is cast now, it is a kind of little cutting or the accurate foundry technology that do not have cutting, it is nicety casts one of the industry superior engineering technology, its application is very wide. It applies to the nicety of all sorts of all sorts of types, alloy to cast not only, and quality of the cast dimension precision that production gives, surface casts a method to want than other nicety tall, even other nicety casts a method be hard to the complex, high temperature resistant, does not machine easily cast that casting gets, all can use fusible pattern nicety to cast casting to get. Pressure regulating one when cast manufacturing difficult problem and invent when figuration nicety casts a technology to basically be aimed at component of large and complex Bao Bi new-style cast a technology. Use this technology production is large and complex thin wall cast, it is better to can be obtained fill model ability and fill shrink ability, make cast grain is refined, send density to promote, function gets clear improvement. As the ceaseless research of this technology and development, the applied effect of this technology and suitable scope got be strengthened ceaselessly and widen. Current and pressure regulating figuration nicety casts a technology to already was in some aviation kind large and complex Bao Bi got the project turns application in production of aluminium alloy cast, technical benefit is very apparent.