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Hard alloy wear-resisting

Hard alloy wear-resisting

Product introduction

  1. Nicety casts the complex cast that makes all sorts of alloy, particularly OK and accurate cast cast of high temperature alloy. Be like the lamina of jet-propelled engine, its are clipper-built outside outline and refrigeration use lumen, with machining craft cannot be formed almost. With accurate foundry technology production can accomplish batch production not only, assured the consistency of cast, and the stress concentration that Dao Wen remains after avoiding machining.

 2. Because fusible pattern cast is having very tall dimension precision and face,nicety is cast bright and clean degree, can reduce machining work so, just ask on the spare parts higher position leaves a few mental allowance can, certain even cast leaves surplus of burnish, polish only, need not machining can be used. This shows, use nicety to cast a method to be able to save machine tool equipment and treatment man-hour in great quantities, substantially managing metallic raw material.