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Products Of Precision casting

Precision casting : Castings obtained using the casting method of precision molds. Commonly used is the investment casting, also known as lost wax casting: the use of suitable melting materials (such as paraffin) manufacturing investment; in the mold on the repeated wear refractory coating and sand-resistant sanding process, hardening shell and dry; The mold is melted and the cavity is obtained; the shell is fired to obtain sufficient strength and the remaining molten material is burned; the metal material required for pouring is cooled; and the sand is removed after solidification and cooling to obtain a high-precision finished product. According to the needs of the product or heat treatment and cold processing and surface treatment. In addition to the aviation and weapons sector, the investment casting is used in almost all industrial sectors, especially in electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, ship, furniture, hardware, Railways, agricultural machinery, sewing machines, pumps and valves and other departments.