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Stainless steel precision casting structure and air contact surface

Since Stainless steel castings are cooled and solidified in the metal type faster than the sand type, the metal type has no tolerance. Therefore, in the case of metal casting, the casting stress generated in the casting is larger than that of the sand casting, and the tendency is large. In the process of the process, it is easy to produce insufficient pouring and cold separation.

Stainless steel precision castings have uniform wall thickness, and the excess between the walls and the joints should be moderated. The requirements for the product to be rounded at the corners are more strict than the sand castings. The equipment should be replaced by vertically connected walls. Tilted together.

Stainless steel castings should be reinforced with ribs, bosses, etc. for structurally weak parts. This can effectively prevent cracks in casting. In the process of use, the bosses, ribs and flanges that hinder the free shrinkage of the castings should be minimized. Wait for the highlights.

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When an effective arrangement of stainless steel castings is required to strengthen the ribs, it is also necessary to take into account the influence of the casting on the shrinkage of the castings, so as to prevent the following structural problems in the casting of the metal castings and the cold insulation.

The wall thickness of stainless steel castings should be too thin, especially when the contour size of the casting is large. The product should be effective. In the process of use, it is necessary to avoid large horizontal planes, because it is the casting when casting. The molten metal rises very slowly.

The surface of the casting is in contact with the air, which is easy to oxidize. At the same time, due to the rapid heat dissipation of the metal, the molten metal will quickly lose its fluidity, which is very likely to cause defects such as insufficient pouring, slag inclusion and cold separation.