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Stainless steel precision casting processing

Everyone should know the stainless steel precision castings. Do you know the mirror treatment of stainless steel precision castings? If you want to know, just follow the small series.

In order to further strengthen the hardness and gloss of stainless steel precision casting, it is necessary to mirror them, and in order to make this process more in line with the requirements, what are the disadvantages to be excluded when processing stainless steel castings?

It has been found through experiments that the sulfuric acid oxide film is an important factor affecting the high purity and transparency of the oxide film of stainless steel castings. Its thickness, porosity, purity, sealing quality, etc. will directly interfere with the mirror effect of the casting, such as when it is contained in the oxide film. If there are more impurities, its purity will be lower and the cylinder transparency will decrease.

Therefore, to ensure the mirror treatment effect of stainless steel castings, it is necessary to reduce the content of impurities in the oxide film, so the thickness, porosity, purity, sealing quality, etc. of the film should be controlled reasonably, and the negative impact on the treatment should be avoided as much as possible.


The impurities in the oxide film are mainly derived from the stainless steel casting itself, and some are derived from the oxidation bath, so that the content of the alloying elements in the casting can be appropriately reduced to minimize the impurity content. At the same time, reducing the impurity ions in the bath and keeping the bath fresh can also improve the purity of the oxide film.

It can be seen that the smooth completion of the mirror surface treatment process of stainless steel castings is also difficult. In order to achieve a good effect, it is necessary to eliminate various influencing factors and exert the effect of the process so that the quality of the entire stainless steel casting is also Will improve.

After the introduction of Xiaobian, are you more clear on the mirror treatment of stainless steel precision castings?

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