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Stainless steel precision casting process

There are two main types of dewaxing casting methods: the Solid Mold method and the Ceramic Shell Mold method, the latter being the former method of improvement.

The shell mold method until the wax type is produced in the same way as the solid mold, but after one damp and sand (or floating sand), the mold-free operation is not carried out, but the dipping and sanding are repeated several times. Until the predetermined shell thickness is obtained. Drying, heating, melting and waxing, high temperature heating and stainless steel precision casting, this method is widely used by the current dewaxing precision casting industry, because it has the following advantages:

(1) The process can be partially automated to save manpower and increase production rate

(2) Lower production costs

(3) The ceramic shell mold is thin, and the casting rate of the casting after casting is high and uniform, so the mechanical properties are better.

(4) better dimensional stability


A precision casting mold for stainless steel precision casting obtains a casting method for precision castings.

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