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Today, many companies are very concerned about the application of Stainless steel casting in manufacturing. To this end, our manufacturers continue to refine the manufacturing technology of stainless steel castings in accordance with the needs of customers and friends to expand the manufacturing strength and provide high-quality products for the industry market. Stainless steel castings. Basic guidelines for the setting of the casting system: The placement of the gate and riser is scientific and reasonable, and the appropriate size does not prevent the casting from being gathered, which is conducive to exhausting, falling sand and cleaning. Volume and reduce work intensity. Common precautions for the position of the runner: The runner cannot be located in the key parts of the casting; the distance between the metal liquid and the various parts of the cavity should be short; the metal liquid should not be caused to impact the mold and the sand core; The liquid can evenly disperse and fill the cavity quickly; do not face the cold iron and core brace in the mold. The above basic common sense is a specific method that is very concerned in the manufacturing technology of stainless steel castings. I hope that new and old customers and friends will grasp the understanding. Manufacturers will continue to reform and innovate as much as possible in the production of stainless steel castings and go all out to create high-quality steel products.