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What methods can be used to repair casting defects

Repair status and equipment analysis caster glue: It is an instinctive choice for companies to repair precision castings. The main features are simple, convenient, low price, and low demand for employees. However, this method is only suitable for extensive castings, ordinary repairs can not stop subsequent processing, and the separation strength and hardness are very low. This process is only suitable for simple and extensive castings, or castings with relatively low added value. With the development of the foundry industry, caster glues are becoming increasingly unresponsive to customer requests.


Almost all foundry manufacturers choose welding repair to deal with casting defects encountered in consumption. Casting welding repair is to use the welding material to match the casting material with the metal filler, so as to reach the basic mechanical performance specifications requested by the parent body. This requires a variety of welding repair methods; simple welding repair methods; high welding repair efficiency, low welding repair cost, little pollution to the environment, and subsequent disposal after welding repair is simple, as long as this ability is accepted and trusted by foundry manufacturers. At present, there are many types of welding machines obtained by casting welding repair, and there are roughly the following types.

Electric welding machine is a necessary equipment for foundry. It is used to ignite the arc when the electrode pole is short-circuited in an instant. The generated arc is used to condense the electrode and welding material, and then cool to reach the purpose of separating them. It is a traditional welding method. Normally, it is usually used for welding repair of cast iron and cast steel, or some traditional welding repair.

Advantages: suitable for working in a dry environment, not requiring too many requests, relatively small size, simple operation, convenient use, fast speed, strong weld after welding, suitable for large area welding repair. It can instantly connect the same metal data (also can connect different metals, but the welding method is different). After the heat treatment, the weld seam has the same strength as the base material and is well sealed.