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Precision Casting----Shaping the World

DZ-machine has been casting precision more than 60 years ago. Investment casting is a type of Precision casting method and is increasingly important worldwide due to its economics. This precision casting method is now also used to produce large castings. Investment casting is increasingly being used on more refractory so-called supermetals.

Due to the considerable economic benefits of precision casting, its importance in comparative value analysis has become more and more concerned. This method is far from comparable in other processes. No other casting process allows for the best shape like precision casting. In the case of technical problems that cannot be realized by other processes or costly, we can solve this problem by designing from the aspects of investment casting.

The characteristics of the precision casting process are:

  • Almost unlimited casting shape freedom
  • Basic useless material limit
  • There is no mold line that affects the casting accuracy, so the dimensional accuracy is high.
  • Through the ceramic core, it is possible to shape difficult-to-shape interior contours
  • Only a small amount of machining allowance on the surface
  • High surface quality

Product Range

Investment casting is usually applied to small pieces of 1g-10kg, and can make up to 150kg of castings.

Zhuo Wheel can use the investment casting method to produce iron-based, aluminum-based, nickel-cobalt-based superalloy materials.


Precision casting