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Precision casting requirements more flexible

We take sand casting, the precision casting of large-scale production of the factory should create conditions for the use of advanced technology modeling, core method. Vintage shock or shock pressure molding machine production line productivity is not high enough, workers labor intensity, noise, not meet the requirements of mass production, should be gradually modified. For small castings, you can use the horizontal classification or vertical classification of the box-free high-pressure molding machine production line, real shape modeling production efficiency is high, covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčless; for the pieces can choose a variety of box high pressure molding machine production line, gas Punching line to meet the requirements of fast and high-precision molding production line, core method can be used: cold box, hot box, shell core and other efficient core method, and medium-sized large castings can consider the application of resin from the hard sand Shape and build core.

Single piece of small batch production of heavy castings, hand shape is still an important method, hand styling can adapt to a variety of complex requirements more flexible, do not require a lot of technology and equipment. Can be applied to water glass sand type, VRH water glass sand type, organic ester water glass self-hardening sand, clay dry type, resin self-hardening sand and cement sand type; for single-piece production of heavy castings, the use of pit molding method cost is low fast. Mass production or long-term production of stereotypes products using multi-box shape, split box molding method is more appropriate, although the mold, sand box and other investment began to high, but from the conservation of working hours, improve product quality to be compensated.

Low pressure casting, die casting, centrifugal casting and other casting methods, because the equipment and molds are expensive, so only for mass production.

Precision casting