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The main method of precision casting mirror treatment effect of stainless steel parts

In the process of stainless steel precision casting, its sulfuric acid oxide film is an important factor affecting the high purity and transparency of the stainless steel casting oxide film. The porosity, purity, thickness and sealing quality of stainless steel precision casting will directly interfere with the mirror effect of the casting.

In the stainless steel Precision casting, if there are many impurities contained in the oxide film, its purity is low and the transparency is lowered. Impurities in the oxide film are mainly derived from the stainless steel casting itself, and some are derived from the oxidation bath, so that the content of alloying elements in the casting can be appropriately reduced to minimize the impurity content.

The equipment required for the basic process of stainless steel precision casting is: precision casting wax-shooting wax machine, ice water machine, air conditioner; dipping-paste bucket, floating sand machine, air conditioner, dewaxing furnace, dehumidifier, water removal bucket, static bucket The soaking slurry can also be equipped with a robotic arm and an automatic centralized wax supply system;


Melting-sintering furnace, high-frequency furnace, shock shell machine; post-treatment-cutting machine, grinding machine, sand blasting machine, sand cleaning machine, heat treatment furnace, punching machine; maintenance-pneumatic grinding machine, argon welding machine, grinding machine; Quality assurance - spectrometer, three yuan and so on. These are relatively common, and if more advanced, vacuum casting furnaces or vacuum heat treatment furnaces or X-rays are required.

The output of stainless steel precision cast steel is relatively stable, and the quality, variety and performance of steel castings and the proportion of alloy steel and special steel are continuously improved. The use of various refining processes and technologies to develop new cast steel materials can improve the toughness and special properties of materials.

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