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Application of precision casting in the manufacture of auto parts

Among the many products of auto parts, stainless steel precision casting products occupy a significant proportion, such as: automobile engine block, cylinder head, gearbox housing, intake manifold, exhaust manifold, crankshaft, camshaft, piston, Wheel hubs, etc., are all casting products. However, compared with developed industrial countries, China's automotive casting products account for a small proportion of the total output of castings. According to statistics, American automotive castings account for 33% of total casting production, while China's automotive castings account for less than 20% of total casting production.

First, the development of the automotive industry drives the rapid development of the automotive casting industry

Automotive castings are one of the major downstream industries in China's automobile manufacturing industry. About 10.5% of a complete vehicle is iron castings and 6.4% aluminum castings. These castings are not only large in quantity but also high in quality. With the continuous development of China's automobile manufacturing industry, the output of automotive castings has also increased. According to statistics, in 2009, China's automobile production and sales exceeded 13.5 million, and the output of automobile castings reached 10.33 million tons. With the production of automobiles in China reaching 15 million in 2010, the output of automotive castings is expected to reach 11.48 million tons.

The rapid growth of automobile production is an important factor in stimulating the development of the manufacturing industry, and it will also provide a huge market space for China's automotive casting products. Moreover, with the development of light-weight and energy-saving automobiles, the market demand for automotive colored castings will further expand. Since 2000, China's casting production has been ranked first in the world, and has become a veritable casting manufacturing country.


Second, China's automobile castings exports are in a downward trend

Although China is a world-famous casting manufacturing country, China is far from being a casting power. The rapid growth of China's casting production is largely at the expense of higher energy consumption, higher resource consumption, environmental pollution and cheap labor.

In addition, from 2006 to 2009, the export situation of China's automobile casting products can also be seen one or two. China's automobile casting products are still in the low-end supply market compared with rubber parts, stamping parts, fasteners and other products. Affected by market fluctuations. The financial crisis of 2008 has had a great impact on the export of China's automobile casting products, and there has been a rapid decline. Therefore, compared with the developed countries of the automobile manufacturing industry, the manufacturing level and promotion and application gap of China's light metal castings are still very obvious.

Third, commissioned procurement services to help China's automobile castings exports

The decline in the export of automotive casting products is related to the low quality of casting products manufactured in China. On the other hand, due to the excessive number of domestic automobile casting manufacturers, it is difficult for domestic and foreign buyers to find quality matching suppliers. According to statistics, there are about 26,000 foundry companies in China. Compared with developed countries, there are a large number of enterprises, and most of them have low degree of specialization, low degree of intensification, low labor productivity, and lack of professional management and marketing capabilities. Quality suppliers are drowned in the sea and buyers cannot make the right choices.

In order to help domestic and foreign buyers to efficiently match high-quality suppliers, has organized a 2010 large-scale procurement matching meeting to help domestic automotive casting suppliers actively open up foreign markets. At present, the event has invited more than ten well-known domestic and foreign buyers to go to China for procurement. Among them, TAFE India Co., Ltd. and Mattein (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. all need to purchase a large number of casting products. In addition, GM China, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Schaeffler (Taicang), Honeywell China Ltd., Chongqing Lifan Motors, Faurecia Shanghai Management Co., Ltd. and other companies urgently purchase forged parts, rubber seals, More than two hundred items such as interior and exterior parts.