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Our factories do direct manufacturing, casting and custom design engineering of titanium, stainless, aluminum and other common or rare earth element products. Further, we are Asia’s largest and leading frontier on casting of titanium, steel and aluminum.

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If you need to offer your customers titanium casting products, let us produce them for you. We are well capable of casting titanium castings such as titanium aerospace parts, titanium parts for turbochargers, titanium musical instruments, titanium motorcycle equipment, titanium bicycle parts, titanium parts for the oil and gas industries and etc.

Titanium Castings | Precision Titanium Casting

Our state-of-the-art casting equipment means precision castings every time. We are currently engaged in manufacturing titanium musical instruments, titanium compressor wheels for turbochargers, titanium motorcycle equipment, titanium aerospace parts, titanium bicycle parts, titanium castings for the oil and gas industry and much more.

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This guide shows the process for Casting Titanium using an Ultraflex SuperCast system. The SuperCast system is a centrifugal injection casting system with a maximum melting temperature of 2000°C.

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Casting Titanium Alloy Titanium Grade 5 Titanium Grade 5 is the most commonly used Titanium worldwide. Titanium Grade 5 is alloyed with 6% Aluminum …

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At present it is the only satisfactory technique for casting titanium. A second difficulty, one which is peculiar to titanium, is in the maintenance of good flow over severe changes of dimension or direction within the mold. This requires, in many instances, the redesign of the mold or the cast component.

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BMG Titanium: Your Reliable Partner. BMG Titanium has been providing the world with titanium products for 28 years. We have manufactured titanium parts for medical, chemical processing, marine, plumbing, power generation, automotive, oil and gas, sport equipment, as well as other niche industries.

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and titanium alloys). Technique: Lost-wax investment casting and lost-foam investment casting are both capable of complicated shapes and small features containing high precision and quality surfaces.

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The titanium casting is then subject to machining, Hot Isostatic Pressing, welding, sanding, or polishing per the specifications of the specific part. The post casting processes provide our customers with a fully finished and functional product for use in their designated commercial and consumer applications.

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Titanium Aerospace Castings. For nearly 50 years, FS Precision has helped to connect families around the globe by supplying the industry with unmatched high strength and low weight near-net and net shape titanium aerospace castings.

Casting and Powder Metallurgy Titanium Alloys

At present it is the only satisfactory technique for casting titanium. A second difficulty, one which is peculiar to titanium, is in the maintenance of good flow over severe changes of dimension or direction within the mold. This requires, in many instances, the redesign of the mold or the cast component.

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Applications for Casting Titanium Grade 2; Chemical Processes: Grade 2 titanium is highly resistant to chemical environments including oxidising, alkaline, organic acids and compounds, aqueous salt solutions and hot gases. Its corrosion resistance holds up in, nitric acid, mildly reducing acids and wet chlorine or bromine gas. Marine

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Titanium Investment Casting. Titanium investment casting is the manufacturing process that produces parts through the metallic replication of wax models. The resulting titanium parts have a very smooth finish that requires little finishing after the process.

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FS Precision Tech specializes in the single process of vacuum investment casting of a few industry specific titanium alloys: Ti64, Ti6242, and Gamma titanium aluminide. Within our current reasonable casting size limitations, FSPT is the hands-down specialist in complex near-net and net shape titanium castings for aerospace and defense applications.

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The titanium casting process requires that special techniques be used. This is due to its reactivity in the molten stage, high melting temperature and low mould filling properties. Machined graphite or investment moulding system. Sand, chill or investment casting. We offer castings produced by either machined graphite or investment moulding ...

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Ti Squared Castings delivers precision titanium castings for aerospace companies worldwide. Our titanium casting foundry is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified, and utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to ensure consistent quality and lead times.

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Metal Castings, titanium, aluminum die casting and all types of specialty metals are available at Diversified Industrial Products. For over 35 years we've been satisfying clients.

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Our expertise in producing castings from Titanium and its alloys, ranging from components that can fit in the palm of your hand to some of the largest made puts us in an ideal position to advise users on everything from initial design to solving problems with finished products.

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Bi-Metal Casting to Titanium. Most artists leave titanium in its original form (sheet, rods and tubes). This often looks like sheet, rods and tubes when it’s finished. They do not take advantage of dimensional possibilities, because titanium cannot be cast or soldered except in an oxygen-free atmosphere.

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TITAL is a leading company for titanium and aluminium alloy investment castings, located in Germany. Using the patented HERO Premium Casting® process, TITAL delivers lightweight, high-strength investment castings that can be supplied "ready-for-integration" and enable significant cost savings and many other benefits to the customer.

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Titanium casting is offered through 3Diligent's metal casting service. Titanium is a relatively expensive, but very strong and relatively light weight metal, making it a favorite of the aerospace industry. Its biocompatibility also makes it a favorite of the medical device industry. 3Diligent works with several grades of titanium.

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Dental casting by means of the lost-wax technique has been the dominant method of fabricating crowns and bridges for many years. However, since the end of the 1970's, efforts have been made to case fixed and removable dental prostheses using commercially pure (CP) titanium, which has mechanical properties similar to ADA Types I-IV gold alloys.

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Custom manufacturer and distributor titanium castings. Capabilities include high precision CNC machining, heat treatment and surface finishing. Materials worked with are titanium grade 2, titanium grade 5. Weights of parts we make are from a few grams to one metric ton. Titanium offers a high ...

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Titanium Valve. Application of titanium products: Titanium and Titanium alloys can be used in aerospace, military, medical, jewelry, telecommunications and other industries. Packaging of SAM Titanium (Ti) Casting Products: Ti casting products are clearly tagged and labeled externally to ensure efficient identification and quality control.

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Worldwide leader in precision investment casting, pouring more than 120 different types of alloys. Alphacasting specializes in the production of innovative and modern castings for the high-tech industries

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Apr 11, 2001· An innovative titanium casting technology developed by Taramm is outlined. It incorporates vaccum melting and pouring and uses purpose designed moulds which generates a magnetic field resulting in homogeneity. It is highly suited to thin walled shapes.

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Common defects of titanium castings 1 titanium casting is incomplete Incomplete titanium castings related to the following reasons: 1). Casting machine models and casting flow rate is closely tied, but also with the casting machine vacuum, inert gas flow.

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Titanium. ATI is a leading global supplier and manufacturer of titanium and titanium alloy products. We produce high strength commercially pure titanium and titanium alloy products in flat-rolled and long forms, net-shapes and components.

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Phenom Titanium Gen2 Series Casting The Phenom Titanium Gen2 Series was designed with a performance "Tournament Grade" fishing rod in mind. The difference is we have engineered a performance rod that doesn't break the bank but will also give you unmatched sensitivity and lightness! From its 30-ton Toray graphite blank